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Lucrative Merchants is a Seattle based online Business Community dedicated to educate upcoming entrepreneurs by providing insightful and update material on new Business trends as well as integrated  services like Payment Processing and SEO.

Dreamcatcher  provided the following services:

- Logo Design: We used the concept of the Golden Chip used on Credit Cards and added the branches of a digital tree to merge the concepts of digital, nature and success, which we reinforced by using the colors green and gold.
- Social Media: Maintained Social Media images with relevant graphical posts on Instagram and Facebook.

- Business Card Design:  Lucrative Merchants was designed to look like a Business Credit Card to draw attention and interest.

- Branded Material: We currently create different print material for their Business Documents.

- Website: We created a clean and informative website  with complimentary imagery to represent Lucrative Merchants, the services and the Community

Fore more please visit:

LM LOGO UPDATE 06-18 v2.png
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