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My name is Claudia Lorena, founder of Dreamcatcher .  This is my dream.

Established in Seattle Washington, I created Dreamcatcher as a graphic design firm dedicated to providing our clients with results they can be proud of. We really love what we do. To us our clients are a invaluable source of inspiration. They ignite our passion for creativity with their ideas and dreams (no matter how crazy they might be).

Over the years, through industry and work experience, I have come to the understanding that the bigger a design firm becomes the smaller amount of care and consideration is involved in a single project or customer, specially small business and upcoming ventures. Cutting corners with design not only severely damages the productivity and momentum of brands everyday but, most importantly, it takes all the fun out of this wonderful process. This can be exemplified in a variety of ways from untimeliness with deadlines, to simplifying the process of building a logo or a graphic with lack of necessary research so they can keep up with the queue.

At Dreamcatcher no client is solely a number. Our main objective is not on the number of clients we work with; instead our focus is to create one of a kind business relationships between designer and client. We want to turn your design dreams into a reality and get our creative fix at while at it. The process remains the same no matter the cost for the services or the size of your business.


With an in depth introductory consultation between you and your designer, you will be able to provide the key elements and factors that will assist Dreamcatcher bring to life all the ideas & dreams that you have pictured for your project, business, or venture.

We are a retention based company working hard to be a part of your next design project!

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